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Die Deutschen machen nicht so viel Smalltalk wie vielleicht die Briten oder die US-Amerikaner. In diesem Artikel lernen Sie mehr über Smalltalk auf Englisch. Dies ist auch immer wieder Thema in all unseren Englischkursen.

Germany has a lower level of small talk than other countries. A lot of Germans think that in small talk they have to share private information, which they try to avoid.

But that’s not the case.


Small talk is an icebreaker and a way of showing the other person that you are friendly. It is an internationally recognized skill that is used to build rapport (Beziehungsaufbau, eine gemeinsame Ebene schaffen). If you can have a friendly conversation about sports at the water dispenser, you can do business with that person much more easily afterwards.


Small talk topics are sports, the job, travel, your accommodation, books, films, music, fashion, cars, current trends, your weekend, your last holiday, and of course the weather.

And there are certainly lots of things that you can say that are not private.

Avoid topics such as politics, religion, problems, war, death, sickness – anything that gets you down or might lead to conflict.


Smile and be interested.

Ask some questions (but do not interview the other person).

When you answer, give a little bit more information, so that the conversation can move on.

Active listening: nod your head, say “yeah” and “true”


Try to say things that the other person can agree to easily, with a question tag: “Lovely weather, isn’t it?” (Voice goes up)

The other person can agree “Yes, it is, absolutely great”.


When someone asks you a small talk question, you are not required to give an honest answer. “How are you?” really only requires “Fine, and you?”

When someone asks you about your weekend, don’t say anything negative.

“What did you do at the weekend?” – AVOID: “nothing” – very negative. Instead say something like “very relaxing. Fortunately, I didn’t have any appointments. And you?”

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