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In diesem Post geht es um bessere Präsentationen auf Englisch. Ich empfehle auch, Ted talks auf youtube zu schauen. Die unten genannten Phrasen sind natürlich kein Muss, aber sie können helfen, Präsentationen auf Englisch zu strukturieren und vorzubereiten. Unsere Sprachschule hilft Ihnen auch mit individuellem Englischunterricht weiter, wenn Sie sich auf eine besondere Präsentation vorbereiten möchten.

English for presentations

Here are some phrases that people can use to prepare what I call a technically correct presentation.

However, real great presentations work without explicitly announcing an agenda or “moving on the next point”. The structure and direction of the presentation are part of a storyline and therefore more subtle.

Nevertheless, these phrases help the audience follow your presentation better and increase their attention.

When they hear “let me just repeat what we have learnt today”, they are most likely to listen carefully one last time.

But before we proceed, here is a little reminder of what you have to achieve in the first two minutes of our presentation.

ABCD – attention – benefit – credibility – direction

Make sure to say something so intriguing that the audience will want to listen to you for longer.

Why should they listen at all? And why should they listen to you? Where is this presentation going to take them?


I’ll begin by sharing…

Next, we’ll talk about…

Finally, I’ll show you

(alternatively you can say “I am going to share…”)

Let’s move on the next point

…which brings me to the next point.

This brings me to my final point.

Let me summarize..

To conclude..

What I would really like you to remember is…

Google “ted talks” – these are wonderful 15-min presentations on all sorts of topics.

Here are some really funny ones:…/maysoon_zayid_i_got_99_problems……/tim_urban_inside_the_mind_of_a…

and here is a really serious one on the economy:…/dambisa_moyo_is_china_the_new…

Hier bekommen Sie Tipps für bessere Präsentationen auf Englisch